Modelling Technical Breakdown

Almost as soon I start talking to clients about Mermaid, one of the first things I’ve always said is, “This is a weather risk analysis tool; it doesn’t take technical breakdown into account – that’s something you’ll have to model yourself.”

Having said that, risk of technical breakdown is a real and common problem for us and our clients. We’ve had projects put at serious risk due to failures in the ability of equipment to perform, requiring repair on-site, in the middle of critical tidal windows. Read more >

Mermaid Release Notes: Version

It’s another release, and another significant step for Mermaid: we now support wave height
limits being dependent on wave period. This applies to every limit where the vessel is at rest,
including task limits.

New Features and Improvements

MM-1282: It is now possible to set wave height limits for everything but Transit to be dependent on wave period.

To use the new functionality, go to the new “Functions” tab in the setup and
add a function. Then anywhere that you can use these functions, a button will appear next to the
wave height limit number. Read more >

Mermaid Release Notes v1.1.0.0: First Commercial Release

We’re pleased to announce the first of our Commercial Releases of Mermaid. We’ve done a lot of work on stability and performance; in particular Beta Test users should notice that the loading of .mres and .mer files is a lot quicker than in the Beta versions.

New Features and Improvements

MM-1470: Improve performance in Setup UI when large result set loaded

BREAKING CHANGE: We’ve been noticing that when there are large results sets loaded in the Results part of the UI, the Setup part can get slow and jerky. Read more >

Mermaid Release Notes: Final Beta Release

New Features and Improvements

MM-1413: Added a validation error for vessels that have less restrictive wave limits on port and site arrival/departure than during transit.

It has always been the case that vessels should be able to transit in conditions that are at least as permissive as arrival and depart limits. Choosing to specify vessels that don’t obey this can result in analyses that run endlessly, so a validation error has been added to ensure that it happens.

MM-1148: Provided a wider range of Base Layers from ArcGIS and remove the default demo layer from another provider.

Read more >

Mojo Validates Mermaid: An Accurate, Informative and Powerful Marine Ops Planning Tool

Adverse weather frequently delays offshore operations, creating substantial commercial risk. The nascent marine energy sector feels the impact of this risk keenly, and as a key player in this industry, Mojo Maritime have found that understanding how to mitigate this risk is not a simple matter. They have found that existing weather risk analysis tools either too primitive, or do not directly answer the questions that marine operators are asking.

Mojo Maritime’s planning software tool Mermaid (Marine Economic Risk Management Aid) has been created through years of hard earned operational experience. Read more >