Analysing Wind Farm Foundation Installation – Part 1: Introduction to Analysis

This is the first in a series of posts looking at how we can use Mermaid to:

  • Analyse a large offshore operation;
  • Make decisions about which vessels and strategies we want to use;
  • Optimise our offshore operation.

We’re going to perform a series of simulations to help determine what vessel and strategy we should use and when we should perform the work.  This is a fictitious case so we’ll throw a few constraints and assumptions in as we go just to make it interesting. Read more >

Modelling Technical Breakdown

Almost as soon I start talking to clients about Mermaid, one of the first things I’ve always said is, “This is a weather risk analysis tool; it doesn’t take technical breakdown into account – that’s something you’ll have to model yourself.”

Having said that, risk of technical breakdown is a real and common problem for us and our clients. We’ve had projects put at serious risk due to failures in the ability of equipment to perform, requiring repair on-site, in the middle of critical tidal windows. Read more >

Project Progress Burn Up Charts

In our current sprint we’re working on a new feature for the Analyse side of Mermaid.  We’re adding project progress burn up charts which are designed to give an idea of how a project is getting along relative to time.  This is something that was requested by a member of our user group and we’re always happy to hear feature requests such as this one.

As part of the development process I’ve been playing with some data from the training materials and have generated the chart below.  Read more >