Mojo Validates Mermaid: An Accurate, Informative and Powerful Marine Ops Planning Tool

Adverse weather frequently delays offshore operations, creating substantial commercial risk. The nascent marine energy sector feels the impact of this risk keenly, and as a key player in this industry, Mojo Maritime have found that understanding how to mitigate this risk is not a simple matter. They have found that existing weather risk analysis tools either too primitive, or do not directly answer the questions that marine operators are asking.

Mojo Maritime’s planning software tool Mermaid (Marine Economic Risk Management Aid) has been created through years of hard earned operational experience. Read more >

Mojo Introduces Mermaid: Marine Economic Risk Management Aid

Installation cost and risk is a major factor in the long term viability of offshore marine projects particularly Round 3 Wind and Tidal Energy arrays. Cost reduction is necessary for these technologies to evolve. Unfortunately, cost reduction often involves increased risk – which can be very difficult to evaluate- lessons are nearly always learned the hard way with cost overruns, poor project/ contract management and weak installation strategies. This has led to the development of a powerful new planning software tool called Mermaid (acronym for Marine Economic Risk Management Aid). Read more >

Mermaid is conceived.

Rich Walker starts a Mojo-sponsored PhD at the University of Exeter to study how weather affects marine operations, with a particular focus on application to offshore renewables. The limitations of spreadsheets are quickly reached, and development moves into a Matlab code.

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The need for efficient analysis.

Mojo Maritime identifies a need to analyse tidal operations more effectively, particularly looking for appropriate tidal windows. Mermaid is conceived and development commences, starting as a simple spreadsheet.

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