Mojo Introduces Mermaid: Marine Economic Risk Management Aid

Installation cost and risk is a major factor in the long term viability of offshore marine projects particularly Round 3 Wind and Tidal Energy arrays. Cost reduction is necessary for these technologies to evolve. Unfortunately, cost reduction often involves increased risk – which can be very difficult to evaluate- lessons are nearly always learned the hard way with cost overruns, poor project/ contract management and weak installation strategies. This has led to the development of a powerful new planning software tool called Mermaid (acronym for Marine Economic Risk Management Aid). Read more >

Mermaid is conceived.

Rich Walker starts a Mojo-sponsored PhD at the University of Exeter to study how weather affects marine operations, with a particular focus on application to offshore renewables. The limitations of spreadsheets are quickly reached, and development moves into a Matlab code.

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The need for efficient analysis.

Mojo Maritime identifies a need to analyse tidal operations more effectively, particularly looking for appropriate tidal windows. Mermaid is conceived and development commences, starting as a simple spreadsheet.

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