Mermaid Release Notes: Version

We have had a busy few weeks here on our latest Mermaid sprint and are pleased that this release brings some new features for you to use, as previewed in our recent blog posts.

New Features and Improvements

MM-1497 ‘Occasional Tasks and Groups’ Allow tasks and groups to be active only for certain repeat numbers of their parents.

For a comprehensive breakdown of this new functionality and the ways in which it may help you model your operation please read Ben’s recent series :-

Modelling Techical Breakdown
Modelling Expected Breakdown
Modelling Unexpected Breakdown

MM-1513 ‘Show all repeats on Gantt Chart’

To complement the ‘Occasional Tasks and Groups’ above we have also added functionality to the gantt chart so that you can now toggle on and off the showing of repeats with your tasks. This will help you to visualise exactly how the repeats and their transits are modelled in Mermaid. You can toggle repeats on and off in the gantt chart with the following circle button to the right of the screen. cog

MM-1218 ‘Associate MER and MRES files with Mermaid’

.MER and .MRES files can now be double clicked in Windows Explorer to open in Mermaid.

Resolved Bugs

MM-1570 Deadlock during undo/redo

MM-1569 Can’t import part of an Excel metocean set, or row-orientation Excel metocean data

MM-1557 Model validation – Show error if no working locations

MM-1550 Behaviour around loading of corrupt MER file incorrect

MM-1543 Remove History can sometimes corrupt MER file when clicked after recent undo/redo operation.

MM-1542 Occasionally multiple versions of the same vessel end up assigned to a task

MM-1541 Unexpected failure when removing task

MM-1539 Changing the learning type doesn’t update the Gantt Chart

MM-1517 Deleting vessel does not remove assigned vessel from task/group

MM-1515 Unexpected Failure on model validation

MM-1512 It is possible to select too many columns, causing an unexpected error and un-openable MER file.

MM-1511 Y axis maximum on exported Box-Whisker charts with unknowns is incorrect

MM-1508 Unexpected failure during Remove History

MM-1507 Undoing vessel duplication undoes wrong action

MM-1504 Start Date generation is incorrect when multiple starts and over one year of offset from each other

MM-1500 Metocean limits on Groups linked to a Function that’s about to be deleted are not described

MM-1498 Functions with numbers for names are risky

MM-1451 Invalid run errors reported for Vessels Port Parameters