Mermaid Release Notes: Version

Mermaid HQ has been working hard over the last two weeks to bring you our latest release, Mermaid will auto-update on its next restart. As always, if you have any suggestions for improvements that you would like to see in Mermaid then let us know through the customer support portal.

New Features

MM-413 ‘Produce burn up chart for % progress’

We have added a new type of chart, the ‘Progress Burn Up’ chart, to help you analyse your data within Mermaid. This chart graphs the percentage progress made through the total work of your operation, against time. You have the option to show all runs, or alternatively the median progress of groups of runs based on a configurable start date range.

Dr. Rich Walker has written a detailed article on ‘Progress Burn Up’ charts, which can be found here

For precision the progress value for the statistical progress runs is calculated by taking the median value at each individual timestep of your operation.

As with all our other charts you can easily export to an image for inclusion within any reports you are creating.

Progress burn up values are created when importing your raw data to the .mres file, therefore if you would like to include a progress burn up for an existing operation you will need to re-import the output zip file.


Visual Improvements

MM-1571 Should not have both ‘No Start Date’ and ‘No movable start date’ errors

MM-1560 Setting 100 or more repeats on a task causes the repeat number to wrap on the task card

MM-1559 Duplicating vessel creates vessel with white colour

MM-1551 Should not return two errors for Function without a name

MM-1568 Labels are badly positioned in metocean excel import


Resolved Bugs

MM-1590 Support paths with unicode characters

MM-1589 Mermaid Analysis fails when route endpoints are identical

MM-1584 Groups resetting incorrectly in some run scenarios

MM-1583 Gantt chart doesn’t show transits that are required but not on dependency lines – vessels show as being in two places at once

MM-1581 Task Locations very occasionally don’t get removed when the location is deleted from map

MM-1575 RunMermaid occasionally fails with parallel tasks at different locations using the same vessel

MM-1567 Metocean points all highlighted after undo.

MM-1561 Changing “Stop learning after” does not update the Gantt chart – and neither does changing the number of repeats on a TaskLocation.

MM-1555 Removing a results source that is selected in a chart removes the chart

MM-1546 Working directory not updating

MM-1544 Duplicated Vessels jump order on undo/redo

MM-1538 Undoing Group Suspendability change doesn’t undo propagated changes to children

MM-1506 Task durations showing as x hours 60 min rather than (x+1) hours

MM-1486 Tasks disappearing behind group