Mermaid Release Notes: Version

Happy new year to all our users! We are settled back into the new year here and development continues apace. Here are the release notes for the latest release version, released this afternoon.

New Features

MM-1382: Add a Maximum Suspension Time option.

We’ve added the ability to limit the suspension time in your operation. Previously, a task or group could be suspended indefinitely due to weather. We now allow the user to choose a maximum suspension time so that your simulation can more closely match the realities of a marine operation.

We have written an indepth blog post regarding this new functionality which can be found here


Visual Improvements

MM-1602: Gantt chart cuts off long names.

It is now possible to resize the columns in your Gantt chart (and the export) so that full task and group names are visible.

MM-1600: Layout of items on flow diagram when built through Gantt chart

Adding new tasks in the Gantt chart will now result in a more consistent layout when then viewed with the flow diagram.


Resolved Bugs

MM-1616: Excluded unknowns are plotted when reopening mres

MM-1615: Username changing invalidating license

MM-1614: Unexpected failure when undoing/redoing

MM-1608: Unexpected failure on undo of metocean add text data series

MM-1599: “Last imported” doesn’t change when metocean data import is undone/redone

MM-1576: Exceedance chart appears to plot incorrectly with unknowns

MM-1545: Maximising Excel Import spills onto second screen