Mermaid Release Notes: Version

Our latest release focuses on usability and performance gains to improve the overall Mermaid experience.

New Features

MM-1577: Stamp down Tasks, Start Points, End Points and Groups

We have changed the way in which items are added to the Flow Diagram to a system where you can ‘stamp down’ the items exactly where you want them within your operation. This speeds up the planning of your operation and improves the overall experience.

The Flow Diagram now has a mode for each item type and functions in the same manner as the adding of locations in the Map view. We have also added a Pan mode to allow you to more easily scroll around your operation.


MM-1597: Improve performance of Flow Diagram

We have optimised the Flow Diagram so that it now updates and renders faster as you use it, this also has the benefit of improving the response speed of undo/redo throughout Mermaid.


MM-1458: Mermaid analysis process writes out runs as it goes.

The Mermaid analysis process now writes out its results as they are completed rather than all in one batch at the end. This means that if you cancel an analysis, you can still access the results that have been generated up to that point. It also significantly improves memory efficiency in large and long operations, particularly when a detailed seasonal analysis is being performed.


Visual Improvements

MM-1606: Source columns boxes are misaligned on CSV metocean import.

MM-1621: Start point position relative to tasks added through Gantt chart is not neat when the start is added first.

MM-1622: Repeats box under location on task details resizes when up/down arrows are clicked.


Resolved Bugs

MM-1618: Occasional unexpected failure when deleting tasks.

MM-1619: Occasional lock up when deleting a group.

MM-1620: Rare location error when access is outside the metocean range.

MM-1623: Locations that are close can cause failed runs.

MM-1625: Progress burn up incorrect in European culture.

MM-1627: Commas in function names cause contact support error.

MM-1631, MM-1632: Cannot import results when all runs fail due to running out of metocean data.

MM-1634: MER file upgrade can fail to upgrade on European culture computers.