Mermaid Release Notes: Version

Every two weeks we deliver a new set of features and improvements. We would like to say a particular, “thank you” to all of our users who have contributed their thoughts and priorities into helping make this release our most user-driven release yet. Your feedback is much appreciated.

As well as the technical improvements below, we’ve successfully trialled remote training. This means that our more distant customers are able to train effectively on Mermaid.

New Features

MM-1288: Display comparative results in Box-Whisker charts.

It is now possible to plot data from multiple simulations on one Box-Whisker chart, allowing direct visual comparison of the results. As with the Exceedance chart, to plot multiple results sources on one chart use the control keyboard key to multi-select in the “Results Source” box under “Chart Options”.

MM-1636: Export Exceedance Chart data to Excel®.

One of the big issues that we know our users have been struggling with is getting the statistics out of Mermaid for month-by-month and quarter-by-quarter. They have been tantalisingly displayed on charts, but the raw stats were only exportable for overall summary values.

From this release on, it is possible to export the data used to plot the active Exceedance chart straight out to Microsoft Excel®. Simply click the icon in the toolbar to the right of the chart, and it will export conveniently. Every fifth percentile of risk is exported.

MM-1643: Duplicate Tasks and Groups in the diagram.

Many users of Mermaid have requested this one; the duplication of tasks and groups in the diagram. To duplicate tasks and groups simply hover over the task or group and click the Duplicate button. The diagram will show you where it’s about to drop the duplicate, so click and you are done.

MM-1350: “Remove All Locations” button on tasks and groups.

When working with large numbers of offshore locations it’s been time-consuming to remove a long list of them from a Task or Group. Now there is a button to remove them all at once.

MM-1633: Floating Licensing

It’s now possible to license Mermaid with a floating license. To validate these licenses Mermaid calls back to a central server controlled by us here at Mermaid HQ. Don’t worry, none of your confidential information is transmitted over the internet to achieve this validation. Also, the validation is all performed using secure communications. Flaky internet connections shouldn’t be a problem; once activated, Mermaid stays licensed for hours. This means that you don’t have Mermaid’s availability flicker in and out with your network.

To use the new functionality you will need a new license file; please contact support to get one if you would like to try it out.

Performance Improvements

MM-1670: Mermaid no longer goes Not Responding after loading large results source, adding another, or when deleting large results sources.

MM-1674: For large results sets, Mermaid no longer goes Not Responding when loading the Cost Duration Table.

Resolved Bugs

MM-1703: Occasionally, Cost Duration Table doesn’t load.

MM-1683: Unexpected Failure on export XLSX if file open.

MM-1700: Cannot redo adding Excel Metocean Source Data Set.

MM-1702: When undo is rapidly clicked, Mermaid can sometimes lock up.