Mermaid Release Notes v1.1.1.4

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of Mermaid is now available.

If you are a user who would like a refresher, or if you are looking to try Mermaid out, why not join one of our upcoming training courses; e-mail to find out more.

New Features and Functionality

MM-1929: Show progress burn up by repeated group.

We recently added the ability to automatically create progress burn up charts by number of repeats completed of a single task. This functionality has now been extended to include being able to display the completion of repeated groups.

MM-1973, MM-1988, MM-1985: Various Visual improvements.

MM-1974: Compress the output ZIP files more heavily to reduce disk usage.


MM-1742: Rare unexpected failure when repeatedly nesting groups.

MM-1959: Treylya problem converting some zips.

MM-1961: Maximising map export on second monitor uses width of first.

MM-1966: Function names sometimes not displaying in Assets tab.

MM-1975: Map mouse hover occasionally stops working.

MM-1981: Some group names with commas can cause Run Analysis to fail.