Mermaid Release Notes: v1.2.0.5

The latest release of Mermaid is now available. We have new features in this release of Mermaid and have also made a number of performance improvements.

If you are not yet a user, remember that Mermaid has a free two-week trial. Why not kick it off at one of our upcoming online training programmes? Please get in touch if you’d like to be part of it. Each training programme consists of three 2-hour sessions. The dates and times are:

14th, 15th and 16th of February, 10am to 12 midday UTC.

14th, 15th and 16th of March, 10am to 12 midday UTC.

New Features

MM-1370: Report a summary table for vessels on Outputs.

We have added a Vessel Summary Table (shown below) to the results options. This table details costs, durations and visits on a per vessel basis. This chart is added in the usual way and includes the option to export to Excel.



MM-2072: Redesign Assets tab to improve performance with many vessels.

The Assets tab (shown below) has been changed to improve the experience of editing a MER file with many vessels.
The left-hand panel details the vessels in the analysis and the right-hand panel shows the selected vessel details. One or more vessels can be selected for editing at a time. The single vessel view has been expanded to show both tables and charts whilst the multi-vessel view maintains the previous mode switching option.

single-vessel-viewmulti-vessel-view-charts multi-vessel-view-tables

MM-2079: Speed up simulator by 25%.

We have made some changes to the core Mermaid Simulator. These changes increase the simulation speed by 25%.

MM-2078: Improve the speed of creating new functions.

MM-2037: Speed up the renaming of results sources in the Analyse tab.

Renaming a source in the Analyse tab was cumbersome and slow. It is now much quicker.


MM-2048: Unnecessary transits added by scheduler.

MM-2061: Certain MER files will not open.

MM-2063: It is possible to edit inherited metocean limits on both tasks and groups.

MM-2062: It is possible to inherit performance limits on mobile tasks.

MM-2067, MM-2085, MM-2086: Duration of mobile tasks in the input Gantt chart not updating in some cases.

MM-2071: Mermaid Simulator: Complex maps with many metocean points sometimes fail to run.

MM-2077: Right-clicking on scroll bars raises context menu.

MM-2080: In some cases, the Mermaid simulator fails with If Holding Station groups containing mobile tasks.

MM-2083, MM-2095: Progress Burn-Up – Completed groups show marginally incorrect completion time, and some weathered runs are being included when they shouldn’t be.

MM-2089: Mermaid simulator fails with single timestep mobile tasks.

MM-2094: Idle to layup time is exported to the Mermaid Simulator when it is disabled.

MM-2096: Duplicating a task to outside a group temporarily maintains restricted suspendability options.