Mermaid Release Notes v.

The latest release of Mermaid is now available, including many small improvements. We have some larger features for you coming up that we have been working on in the background, keep your eyes peeled for these in a future release. As always we are keen to hear any feedback or ideas you may have for the future development of Mermaid.

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MM-252: Make storm duration thresholds vessel, not project, specific.

MM-1334: Truncate loading text if the filename is long.

MM-1553: Warn if the project cut off time is shorter than unweathered project duration.

MM-1609: Warn when the start-date repeat interval length is smaller than the tide optimisation window length.

MM-1617: Error if invalid range limits are applied.

MM-1673: Select the new source automatically after importing a results set.

MM-1682: Add a new data series automatically after adding a new metocean source.

MM-1738: Switch tab to ‘Analyse – Sources’ after clicking the quick import button on the run tab.

MM-1991: Improve Tide Optimisation error checking.

MM-2147: Improve swell limit tool tip styling.

MM-2054: Add a notes field to functions.

MM-2153: Add a scrollbar to, and improve the styling of, the Run – Settings tab.

MM-2156: Check if any simulation are running when exiting Mermaid, if there are any confirm if exit should happen.

MM-2162: Make the delete icon on task diagram connections easier to see.


MM-2152: Metocean data with NaN values will cause unexpected failure when Mermaid simulation is run.

MM-2154: Shapefile colours do not import when using map import.

MM-2160: In some cases the Startup duration can be incorrectly applied to Non-Suspendable tasks.

MM-2161: Failure to write output zip when writing to slow disk media.