Mermaid Release Notes: 4th Beta Release

New Features and Improvements

MM-1275: Automatic updating of .mer files. 

No longer do new software features require deleting and re-entering the data in the MER files. They auto-update.

MM-1274: Optimise import time for results. 

The importing of results from a run has become significantly quicker.

MM-995: Task Cut-Off Time. 

It is now possible (in the Run tab) to specify the maximum run-time for a task rather than the whole project.

Resolved Bugs

MM-1272: Routing in large diagrams causes UI to stop responding

MM-1270: Pressing Run Analysis occasionally causes the UI to stop responding

MM-1264: Route table in sidebar does not load correctly

MM-1263: Cannot overwrite existing analysis

MM-1262: Elevation/Depth slider on Task Card is not functional. This slider has been removed.

MM-1253: Mermaid sometimes creates crash report when adding a new metocean source

MM-1235 / MM-1233: Task Diagram: Suspendability for members of a group cannot be more suspendable than the group.

This also manifested itself as a blank line in the suspendability for the members of a group.

MM-1213: Mermaid sometimes prompts the user with an odd file path for opening / saving files.

MM-1210: Cancelling an Analysis near the end of a run can cause file corruption.

MM-1117: Vessel Transit Speeds appear to delete, but then re-appear later.

For now, the ability to delete lines form the transit speeds table has been removed.