Mermaid Release Notes: 5th Beta Release

New Features and Improvements

MM-992: Tidal Optimisation

Mermaid can now automatically select start dates near those specified, that correspond to the best time to run the operation based on the tidal behaviour around the site(s) in the operation.

MM-1283: Load more than one results set at once

The Analyse tab can now load multiple results sets into a single .mres file, making it easier to collect and compare sets results from similar runs.

MM-1294: Progress bar for loading analyses

When an analysis is loading, there is now a progress bar showing how much has loaded.

MM-1304: Off-station time before vessel transits to home port defaults to 1 hour

The previous default of 24 hours could have distorted operations, causing vessels to ride out storms that were too long; this will have particular impact on tidal sites where vessel limits are commonly exceeded for shorter periods of time.

Resolved Bugs

MM-1208: Repeat locations not correct when location specified on task within a repeating StageCollection

The repeat locations are incorrect in the situation where an outer repeating StageCollection contains a task that does repeat, and has different locations specified for different repeats. It ends up following the parent’s repeat number rather than its own.

MM-1236: Location (and maybe vessels) of tasks contained in a not fully suspendable group can be different

Groups that are not fully suspendable should force tasks within them to inherit vessels and locations from them to prevent erroneous analysis.

MM-1306: Some .mres files fail to save

When some results are Unknown, .mres files will not save.

MM-1295: Run analysis progress bar is inaccurate

MM-1299: Crash on run analysis if no Vessel Port Parameter

MM-1302: Incomplete or failed runs with an Unknown duration have zero cost (should be Unknown)