Mermaid Release Notes: 6th Beta Release

 New Features and Improvements

MM-1197: Undo/Redo Functionality to the Setup tab

Undo/Redo actions are now supported in the Setup tab.  Mermaid keeps a record of all actions performed from the creation of a new mer file through to the current time.  This record persists across open and close events allowing a large number of actions to be undone a significant time after they were first performed.

This full history can result in a large file being generated and this can have performance implications.  It is possible to remove all history from the file by clicking the Remove History icon.  This cleans the file and means that a fresh history is created, resetting the time it is possible to undo until.

MM-1281: Tasks can be restricted to working in daylight

Mermaid can now specify which tasks, if any, are limited to working only during the hours of daylight.

MM-1189: Fully Suspendable given a new icon to distinguish it from Suspendable If Holding Station

The Task Card icon for Fully Suspendable tasks now differs from the icon for Suspendable If Vessel Holding Station.

MM-1192: Progress bar for loading results

When results are loading, there is now a progress bar showing how much has loaded.

MM-1227: Direct link to support portal on dialogues

A number of dialogues now contain links to the support portal to facilitate easier contact with the Mermaid team.

MM-1250: Maximum zoom level on metocean data chart increased

It is now possible to zoom in much further on the metocean data charts, allowing, for example, a single tide cycle to be observed.

MM-1300: Run Analysis can be clicked even with no Output Directory is selected

If no output directory is selected Run Analysis can now be clicked and a warning is generated.

MM-1301: Task Window Pop-Out Window Behaviour

A number of changes have been made to the Task Window when it is in the Pop-Out state, including allowing the selection of the window from the task bar and some visual clean ups.

MM-1313: Default Vessel colour changed from white to make it visible on exported task cards

MM-1324: Vessels not assigned to any tasks no longer appear in the results

If a vessel is included in an analysis file, but not used during the operation, it no longer appears in the results summary after importing the output zip.

MM-1332: Gantt chart labelled to clarify that it doesn’t show repeats


Resolved Bugs

MM-1128: Undo of vessel parameter changes vessel order

MM-1251: Imported metocean data is not being removed from the database when it is overwritten or the source is removed

MM-1255: Metocean data source charts remain when sources deleted

MM-1261: Vertical alignment of task metocean limits in popped out window is off

MM-1296: The size of the “Number of Repeats” box in the Start Date editor changes with the number of repeats when using “Different Each Year”

MM-1314: Latitude / Longitude are not stored with enough precision on the Metocean tab

MM-1318: Commas in task names appearing as ~_~ in results

MM-1319: In the Error List, the warning about Metocean Length reports the wrong duration

MM-1328: Unexpected failure importing GeoTIFF map layer

MM-1329: Version in About Box doesn’t increment and doesn’t correspond to version in Control Panel

MM-1330: Keyboard copy/paste shortcuts should not be enabled in the Task Diagram

MM-1333: Unexpected failure pasting Metocean Point locations into the sidebar

MM-1338: Some results files cause Mermaid to run very slowly

MM-1343: Error List doesn’t clear on changing analysis

MM-1359: Box Whiskers appear incorrect when some results are unknown

MM-1363: Tide optimisation causes a contact support error when attempting to start outside the metocean range