Mermaid Release Notes v1.1.0.0: First Commercial Release

We’re pleased to announce the first of our Commercial Releases of Mermaid. We’ve done a lot of work on stability and performance; in particular Beta Test users should notice that the loading of .mres and .mer files is a lot quicker than in the Beta versions.

New Features and Improvements

MM-1470: Improve performance in Setup UI when large result set loaded

BREAKING CHANGE: We’ve been noticing that when there are large results sets loaded in the Results part of the UI, the Setup part can get slow and jerky. In addition, these large results sets have been consuming enormous amounts of RAM. Therefore, we’ve made some substantial changes to the way that we handle results sets, and they are now far more efficient. However, making this improvement has meant that the old MRES format is no longer supported by Mermaid. You can still import the ZIP output of previous runs, it’s just that any particular collations of runs into sets, and chart setups, will be lost.

This does not affect your setup files (.mer) in any way.

MM-1444: Improved loading speed of MRES and MER files.

MM-1421: Assets view side buttons no longer overlay vessel control.

MM-1428: Warn when time-step length exceeds minimum task length.

MM-1434: Run tab layout changed to accomodate smaller monitors.

MM-1448: Added a warning for when Transit Speed increases with Wave Height.

MM-1455: Improve colour palette for Vessels.

We’ve noticed that the existing colours did not stand out well on the Flow Diagram, either in the UI or on the exported version.

MM-1457: Make it possible to see the Cancel and Add To Results buttons by default on the Run tab.

MM-1214: New Licensing Scheme.

Resolved Bugs

MM-1365: Dual screen, maximised, causes small render problem on other monitor.

MM-1385: Metocean, importing from excel and selecting the whole column results in dates in 1899 where blanks and headings occur.

MM-1386: Excel Metocean Import, typing in the cell reference field shifts the layout around a lot.

MM-1402: Sliders in the vessel view are difficult to control when the number of vessels exceeds the width of the window.

MM-1417: Port access and departure sliders load incorrectly.

MM-1326: Group Suspendability sometimes changes to Task Suspendability when selecting from one to another.

MM-1426: New Setups and Results sets are not added to the recent file list.

MM-1427: Navigating to large cost duration table takes a long time.

This can still take some time on the first time in, but speeds up after that.

MM-1429: Failing to create a new MER or MRES from the start screen incorrectly displays an empty analysis.

MM-1430: User incorrectly told that Current Results Set cannot be saved when there is no results set open.

MM-1431: Cannot interact with MER/MRES files on a UNC path.

MM-1432: Metocean table missing last data sample.

MM-1435: Unexpected failure when re-opening task details window, having closed it from the Task Bar. And, Mermaid doesn’t exit properly when closed from the Task Bar.

MM-1436: Unexpected failure when clicking rapidly after loading during the finishing of the load.

MM-1437: Unexpected Failure when Undoing after trying to join two groups.

MM-1438: Tide Optimisation window not showing in Run Parameters.

MM-1439: Unexpected failure on export Gantt Chart.

MM-1440: Collapsed groups incorrectly placed within non-collapsed groups.

There are some significant complexities within the collapsing and re-expanding of groups that we need to deal with in time. For now, we have turned off collapsing groups. Existing MER files with collapsed groups will load with those groups collapsed, but once expanded they will not re-collapse.

MM-1449, MM-1452, MM-1474: Unexpected failure when removing history from MER file.

MM-1450: Table of waypoints in a route allows last waypoint to be deleted.

MM-1454, MM-1469: Analysis is not progressing in a particular case.

MM-1459: Running out of metocean data during analysis can occasionally cause an analysis to fail.

MM-1473: Default group width hides current limit.