Mermaid Release Notes: Version

It’s another release, and another significant step for Mermaid: we now support wave height
limits being dependent on wave period. This applies to every limit where the vessel is at rest,
including task limits.

New Features and Improvements

MM-1282: It is now possible to set wave height limits for everything but Transit to be dependent on wave period.

To use the new functionality, go to the new “Functions” tab in the setup and
add a function. Then anywhere that you can use these functions, a button will appear next to the
wave height limit number.

Here’s an example of this on the metocean limits for a vessel, with Hs set to depend on function F1 for the On-Station limits:

As always, if you have any questions or comments on how it could be improved, please do get in touch via the support portal.

MM-1151: Format Excel exports by correct type, instead of string.

MM-1265: The Summary Table can now be exported to Excel.

MM-1337: More decimal places can be displayed in the Map Sidebar.

To access this, see the new cog button at the top-right of the Mermaid window.

MM-1488: When an Unexpected Failure occurs, the Mermaid dialogue always shows rather than the default Windows one.

Resolved Bugs

MM-1476: Ticks on logarithmic slider controls are not logarithmic.

MM-1481: Height of pop out Task / Group details can be too tall for low resolution screens.

MM-1483: Current Range / Scalar toggle button on vertical metocean bar does not work.

MM-1484: Number of repeats can be incorrect when running with “Different Every Year”.

MM-1485: Analysis fails to write all outputs, Contact Support error raised.

MM-1487: Unexpected failure during Remove History.

MM-1490: Removing a group can sometimes cause tasks to no longer be able to inherit.

MM-1491: Suspendable tasks with 0.0 for suspendable-specific durations incorrectly cause a warning in the Error List.

MM-1492: Neap Tide Analysis fails, Contact Support error raised.

MM-1493: Final Task Length defaults to 0, which is invalid.