Mermaid Release Notes: Version

This release we’re proud to present the export of task plans to Microsoft Project, as well as a host of other improvements. Enjoy, and please feel free to comment below or use the support portal to give us your feedback.

New Features

MM-370: Export of Gantt chart data to Microsoft Project.

As you can tell from the MM-number, this has been on the list for some time! It’s now possible to export data from the Gantt chart (found under Setup->Tasks->Gantt Chart) to Microsoft Project. Here’s a video showing it in action with Project 2016:

Performance and Usability gains

MM-1368: Analysis failures report back automatically when they happen.

Previously, when running an analysis, any complete failure to analyse was only reported to the user, and without technical detail. This change gives Mermaid HQ some insight into what specifically went wrong, allowing faster diagnosis and fixing of problems. As with normal crash reports, there is no confidential information sent back to us; simply technical internals of our software.

MM-1730: Mermaid no longer goes not responding when clicking Run Analysis on a big job.

MM-1735: Plotting a Gantt chart for large incomplete operations is faster.

MM-1748: Consistency on Progress Burn-Up Chart export legend position.

The legend on the exported progress burn-up chart is now to the right of the chart, consistent with the other exported charts.

MM-1754: Clicking on repeated task in Gantt Chart sometimes selected the first repeat of the task.

MM-1750: Mermaid no longer allows runs without a single task specified.

Resolved Bugs

MM-1717: Unwanted group resize after export.

MM-1745: It is possible to change the number of repeats spent in a particular location in a task or group that is inheriting locations.

MM-1753: Map copyright can disappear off export.

MM-1780: Some Setups consistently show no vessels assigned to tasks when first loaded.

MM-1782: In results, unweathered tasks not run due to insufficient metocean data report as being 0 hours long.

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