Mermaid Release Notes: Version

We have had a busy few weeks training new Mermaid clients, so welcome on board to all our new users. In this release we have a new feature for setting task lengths in repeats, detailed below. Please feel free to comment or use the support portal to give us your feedback.

New Features

MM-1016: Set task lengths from a table for different repeats.

We now have the ability to setup our own specific durations for each repeat of a task. This means that when you are setting up a repeating group where a particular task varies from one repeat to the next, you can now set it up to have different task lengths on each repeat of the task or group. This is really useful when you’re looking at a piling job, where the piling of a monopile will vary from one location to the next dependent on geotechnics and pile depth. Or a cable-laying job, for example, where you expect pull-ins and the trencher transition in and transition out to be tasks of constant length, but the main lay and trench operations may vary depending upon the length and depth of the cable (and seabed, of course). To see this in action please view the short video below.

We would really appreciate feedback on the way that the task lengths are moved around via drag-and-drop, which varies from the method that we use to re-arrange task locations. We plan to harmonise these two, but need to know which way to go – your views would be appreciated.


Performance and Usability gains

MM-1749: Diagram temporarily goes not responding when undo’ing.

MM-1758: Speed up undo/redo in diagram.

MM-1760: Long files names cause unsightly text wrapping.

MM-1804: Improve error reporting when cannot open a mer file.

MM-1805: Python core no longer extends project cut off when tidally optimising.

MM-1809: Map tile requests are more robust.

Resolved Bugs

MM-1783: Diagram group drag leaves visual artifact after export.

MM-1785: Progress Burn Up Chart statistics for ranges can rarely display incorrectly with multiple start dates.

MM-1789: Not always able to open output results for cancelled runs.

MM-1793: Deleting the home port of a vessel from the Map doesn’t make another port a home port on the vessel.

MM-1795: Some internal links removed when duplicating nested groups.

MM-1808: Fix rare unexpected error in Cost Duration Table.