Mermaid Release Notes v1.1.1.2

The newest release of Mermaid is now live.  Over the past couple of weeks developed a new utility to assist our European users called Treylya. We’ve also performed a number of small bug fixes and usability improvements for Mermaid.

New Features and Functionality

MM-1502: Tool to convert ZIPS from UK-CSV to Euro-CSV.

Some of our European users wanted to access the contents of the raw ZIP files that the Mermaid simulator kicks out (details here). Unforunately because Mermaid works in UK/US CSV format, it’s not easy to open these CSVs in Excel when running in a European culture.

So, we’ve developed Treylya to convert Mermaid output zipfile content from UK-CSV to Euro-CSV. The tool also allows the appending of task and vessel names to the output logs. You can get Treylya from our website.

Performance and Usability gains

MM-1873: Colouring “All Runs” by run number in the Progress Burn Up Chart.

To make it easier to distinguish individual runs in the Progress Burn Ups we’ve added the option of colouring by run number.

MM-1697: Speed up export of flow diagram.

We’ve sped up the process of exporting large flow diagrams to PNG.

MM-1862, MM-1885, MM-1893, MM-1894, MM-1896, MM-1898, MM-1899, MM-1902: Various visual improvements

MM-1828: Easier to select elements of vessel name when lots of vessels.

MM-1872: Cancelling is faster.


MM-1833: Group drag sometimes causes resize.

MM-1851: Missing metocean channel display in table.

MM-1878: Double-clicking a file to open in Map mode can add a point to the map.

MM-1888: Occasional freeze when pasting and clearing in locations Map sidebar.

MM-1895: Setting Export Gantt scale to “1 hour” causes the diagram to appear incorrectly.

MM-1897: Y-axis label incorrect when loading progress burn up chart.