Mermaid Release Notes: v1.1.1.1

The latest release of Mermaid is now live. We are pleased to have added importing of ESRI Shapefiles to your map, and added further ways to analyse the progress of your operations. Please see below for details of the new features and fixes.

If you’re not already a Mermaid user, you can get a free two-week trial and see for yourself just how effectively Mermaid can control weather risk on your operations. We are holding online training webinars over the 27th and 28th of July, so do get in touch and we can add you to the course.

New Features and Functionality

MM-282: Import of ESRI Shapefiles to the Map.

Adding to our selection of importable base map layers, we have now added the ability to import ESRI shapefiles. You are able to control the colour and the fill opacity of your shape files within the map layer drop down.

Please note that the Shapefiles themselves are not stored in your MER file, so they will not display if they are unavailable on your filesystem. Do let us know if this is a hassle for you.


MM-415: Produce burn-up charts by Task.

In our progress burn up charts we can now select any task that is repeated in our operations, and chart how many cycles of that task have completed against time.

In our progress percentage burn ups, we always view median progress for our ranges, but with the task progress burn ups we allow selecting of a custom percentile.

Please note that these are only available when you have run the analysis using this version of Mermaid; importing old ZIP files will not allow them to be viewed.


Performance and Usability gains

MM-1889: Speed up loading MER and MRES files.


MM-1871: Weathered Gantt Charts do not show in reloaded MRES files.

MM-1868: Gantt Custom Percentile search reports NaNs and isn’t too nice when cut off runs in results.

MM-1866: Task / Group metocean limits – Icon on / off not updated in pop out when toggling.

MM-1863: Max suspension control is not rendering nicely (and the “s” is chopped off) on both tasks and groups.

MM-1841: Copy-Paste of Metocean Locations in the Map Tab generates an extra row.

MM-1827: Browsing from Excel Metocean file can bring up a false dialogue.

MM-1746: Opening a MER file directly from an email is very slow.

Whilst this is now muich quicker, Mermaid is unable to open read-only files, which is typically the way that e-mail clients such as Outlook store attachments. Our recommendation remains that you save the attachment to a place where you can edit it and not lose changes.

MM-1861: Functions Tab – Table labels units both in the title and on the numbers.

MM-1883: Tidal elevation units labelled incorrectly as m/s.