Mermaid Release Notes v1.1.1.10

The latest release of Mermaid is now live, we hope you enjoy the new features, and as always if you have any specific requests for features you would like, please do get in touch through our support portal.

We have Mermaid online training happening early this month and in December – they are ideal if you are considering purchasing Mermaid, or refreshing your knowledge. Please get in touch if you’d like to be part of them. Each training programme consists of three 2-hour sessions. The dates and times are:

8th, 9th and 10th of November, 10am to 12 midday UTC.

6th, 7th and 8th of December, 10am to 12 midday UTC.

New Features

MM-1901: Significantly faster results importing, and significantly faster opening of MRES.

With all the new features we have been adding to our results side, the processing and loading of MRES files was beginning to become both slow and memory hungry. We have now optimised this part of Mermaid, so you will find that your results sets now import and load a great deal faster. The first time you load a new MRES file it may not be faster as we have a one time conversion to perform to migrate to the new internal format.

MM-1957: Custom Percentiles on progress percentage Progress Burn-Ups.

Instead of only displaying the median percentage progress burn ups, the chart can now display a custom percentile of your choosing instead.


MM-2012: Transits displayed within incorrect groups and tasks when using multiple vessels and parallel tasks

MM-2015: Mermaid can fail when running with long transits with multiple metocean points